The Hired Yahoo Jesus; A Desecration to the Most Sacred By Lawrence Appolos Oyor


    Alas, I weep profoundly again over the stupidity and gregarious act of men of self. Men of self whom have smuggled themselves into the supposed sacred office of a priest and impersonating as Men of God.

    How can the populace be carried away by jamboree display in the guise of Jesus instead of the germane thing God expects of the church.

    At least, from our Sunday school classes we were told Jesus Christ was crucified. And we belief as Christians that Jesus Christ was crucified. And that he died and was buried. He resurrected with holes in His palm and left for heaven.
    Yes, He promised that He would be coming back again. And we’re earnestly waiting and working towards His glorious return. But He’s not just coming back but He’s coming to rapture the church and take His bride home.

    This evil contradiction that took place in South Africa yesterday is to spite us believers of faith and the desecration of our Most Sacred Jesus Christ was a ploy by the devil (Antichrist).

    As we are faithfully walking with Him, we understand that Jesus Christ can reveal himself unto us in revelation but not visiting churches as guest preacher. What a mockery to the finish work of faith on the cross of Calvary. The supposed Jesus that preached in South Africa Church yesterday Sunday had no holes on his palm or feet. He was without any form of glory and splendor. Had no revelational word to admonish his audience. He didn’t rapture the church he came to preach but rather was taking photoshoots and sefies.
    What a mockery! What a shame! What a pain!

    I’ll hastily call on the body of Christ to discard and format from our memory the foolish mirage that occurred yesterday as they are nothing but the antics of Antichrist.

    Remain Rapturous as our Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon.
    I love you thickly and intentionally.

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