The Many Shades Of Victor: A Man With A Golden Heart ~ Kenson Kenneth Ibialabo


Today, being the birthday of Hon. Victor Tulutu Briggs, presents me with a rare opportunity to write this short article as a personal account of the man Victor, his character and personality._

Victor is a young man with the wisdom of the old. Those who encounter him often testify his deep understanding and wide knowledge on issues bothering on his people and the society.

This is plain, notable and unarguable. Hon. Victor T. Briggs banks a large amount of wisdom and practical knowledge about life, business, politics and the society, acquired over the years through his engagements, experiences, programmes and acquaintances.

Victor was born into a humble background. He knows what it means to have nothing. He built his empire all by himself, so he understands what it means to start from the rock bottom and the attendance difficulties associated with them.

Victor is a good man. You don’t need rocket science to ascertain that. Being good comes from within; some fake it to achieve their purpose but in the end, the truth always prevails.

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Some become generous in order to win affection to themselves, others to win sympathy, some to win love,others because of pride.

But, Victor Tulutu Briggs is born generous! He is a giver, a light bringer and hope to many, and he does it naturally; no strings attached, no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive. Giving is simply his way of life.

When Victor gives, he gives beyond borderlands. His generosity goes beyond family ties, friendship circle, party lines, ethnic sentiments, religious beliefs and societal status.

His affection for human capacity development is altruistic. He accommodates them all!

Hon. Victor has employed hundreds of Rivers sons and daughters. He has sponsored budding talents, aspiring youngsters and individuals with potentials. Victor has given scholarships to pupils, students, undergraduates and post-graduates from start to finish. He has introduced so many empowerment programmes and thousands have benefitted directly and indirectly from them. His Foundation have, over the years, conducted several health schemes, educational projects and skills acquisition programmes. The bundle of benefits accrued from these initiatives is enormous.

It is my desire that today is set aside to celebrate a man whose philanthropy has effected many lives in many ways unimaginable.

Victor is indeed, a man with the heart of a gold!

Victor is a lover of God and the things of God. As an active member of the church, he is always at the forefront of evangelism and christian outreach programmes. He spends not only his resources but also his time to propagate God’s kingdom through selfless services.

Victor is a loving father to his wonderful kids, and the spec of husband any woman would eagerly request from God.

When he is not reaching out to the poor, or going about God’s work, he is always at home playing the good father and loving husband’s role.

His wife, Amelda, has never stopped to appreciate God’s great blessings upon her in form of a loving and caring husband.

Victor is the kind of Boss whose workers pray fervently for God’s continued grace upon his life.

At work, you hardly tell the boss from others as they all function and carry out their various responsibilities as a family instead of colleagues. This is evident in their engagements, conversations and bonding together.

Politically, socially and otherwise, he is always an object of envy among his contemporaries while been loved by many as a result of his humble personality and very large heart.

Today maybe a time to celebrate him on the occasion of his birthday; but to me, Victor Tulutu Briggs needs to be celebrated everyday!

Happy Birthday son of destiny. May the heavens continue to be on your side, amen.

Bro Kenson Kenneth Ibialabo writes from the vineyard of God.



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