THE OBA TORTURE: A grand burial or a somewhat catch them awareness.


    A grand burial or a somewhat catch them awareness.

    Since yesterday there has been a subtle harassment on the psyche of Port Harcourt elites arising from the impact of the enormous display of grand, glamour, luxury and mints of different currencies in Anambra State; Oba to be precise, on people.

    Alright let’s talk!

    1. Indeed it is good to mentor people and show them ways, but what nature of mentorship are we referring to? Is it the type where you have to give people some black formulas for acquiring instant money-based-riches or the type where you have to explore people’s potential; ground them on basic educational knowledge, skills, economic and commercial experiences required for making sustainable wealth that is not just about money but includes assets and number of quality humans available? Chinua Achebe even in death is more of a pride to the Igbo Nation than the one time financially famous Eze Ego.

    2. The unbeatable nature of money is that it never comes easily and so it takes a lot of years of investment, struggles and corporate partnership to make and sustain it. This is why people build companies and establish relationships with government and financial institutions. It naturally means that spending must be calculated too. But this is about legitimate income; one that has trace and can be accounted for. Dangote who is acclaimed the richest man in Africa cannot spend money at such level of extravagance and glamour.

    3. So, while the call for Port Harcourt Billionaires or millionaires to raise other billionaires and millionaires is okay, using the men who are making money fly at Oba as yardstick is to me an unworthy comparison.


    4. Be not afraid, we are going to make money and create sustainable wealth. Raise the right discussions with those elites you are close to. Ask for the right things and change the habit of discussing people. Sadly, Elites or leaders today have so much inclination toward gossip and back-biting; you must try the best polite method of redirecting the discussions to some more productive issues. If a leader insists on making you constantly dwell on irrelevant issues and exposing you only to pomp ceremonies and glamour instead of strategic gatherings, speak out and make haste to leave him.

    Personally, I have passion for education and in my pursuit, whenever I get overwhelmed, I ask for help from some well to do men who aren’t related to me but somehow known to me. Only very few respond positively albeit reluctantly, the rest simply shun or ignore me, and my suspicion is that they expect some things of instant usefulness from me; partisan support for instance. These class of individuals are the ones who should know that such investment in people is to the glory of the society and very noble too.

    5. Brothers and sisters, wealth takes time to build and it requires collaboration and strategic thinking and planning. We have been building sociopolitical organizations, what about business organizations?

    Assuming there’s a plan to build a farm:

    Mr. A has land but no money
    Mr. B has access to bank loans
    Mr. C has actual money
    Mr. D has legal ideas for legal matters,

    that will be a good beginning for a company that may become prominent in the business world. If Rivers State remains the scope of our thinking, we may never excel beyond her shores.

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    Thank you my people.

    Uche E. Woke


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