There Is A Need To Rethink The Lockdown, Ikenda Clintons Elechi tells Rivers State Government


Attn: Gov.Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, Governor of Rivers State



There’s an urgent need to rethink the steps so far taken to deal with Covid19. The fears the virus evokes on one hand & the pains of deprivation that accompanies a lockdown, coupled with the feeling of hopelessness is causing far more damages that may not have been intended. I have consequently chosen to replace the fears with hope, apprehension with information & anxiety with intention

3 months ago, the world didn’t know how to deal with the pandemic, so everyone naturally went into panic, that’s how LOCKDOWN came into the fray. As a matter of fact, Sir, lockdown was largely a preventive tool than containment. At this point now, it is obvious that we lost the prevention battle, with 17 cases already, we mustn’t lose the Containment war

Over 90days after, info has emerged on what to do to stay away from the virus. If we wear face masks, maintain distance from the next person, don’t shake people, don’t touch our faces & regularly wash our hands with soap or apply sanitizers, we ain’t getting it

Now that we know what to do, can we focus on enlightening & sharing this Info with our people, can we simply deploy resources towards educating them on how to avoid the virus instead of locking down & creating a lot of social issues?

Many people have backed their pro-lockdown argument on the massive surge of people at public places in Lagos & Abuja when theirs got lifted, the reality is that it would be the same whenever that of PH is lifted, in fact,the longer a lockdown, the worst the surge. It’s like a Vulcanizer airing a tyre, as the air pumps, the tyre expands, should that continue, it gets to the point where it explodes. If we continue to lock people down, we may get to the stage where such may happen. I seriously hope we don’t

Sewage tanks are already filled up, Gas Cylinders are empty, Sumos have spoilt, the few stocked food is almost exhausted with no hope of replacement. How much longer can people go with lockdown?

Pharmacies are not open, so people can’t access Medicare, Markets have been shut down thereby leading to food scarcity, I ask Sir, how much more can we all go like this?

Obesity lurks around because people just eat and sleep, with accompanying increase in birth rate as couples spend 24hrs at home together, how ready are our health facilities & personnel who are already stretched by the virus to contain post lockdown challenges. We must begin now to mitigate the impact this lockdown has already caused

How about Fire. In the event of fire, it would take the grace of God to deal with as Firemen are not at work. Or is fire also on lockdown? How about the Mortuaries, Corpses litter everywhere, most already filled

Sir, let us open up and focus more on sensitisation. It’s already known that Covid19 kills more of the elderly, mortality statistics so far has shown that most deaths have been those of elderly people or even younger persons with underlying sicknesses. Studies have revealed that younger persons have much recovery rate, and it is this class of people, the young, who run the economy

Should we continue to shut our economy, ignore information and put lives on pause and for how long, assuming Vaccines are not found in the next 6months, is this how we’ll continue?

The West and Asia are gradually opening, not because they have the cure yet but because they have the most important tool; Information

Top on the steps in Containment is information sharing.
I hear there are already ongoing efforts at sensitizing the grassroots, let’s improve and expand it

I urge you, Mr.Governor to review your strategy, lockdown was fashionable when there was little info about the virus but not anymore
If those who initiated it are now opening up, what justification do we have to remain shut?

I wish us the best, Sir




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