To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.”


    We must realise that every sunrise is an invitation for us to rise and brighten someone’s day too.

    We must learn to do some random acts of good and loving deeds to God, our family, strangers and even to ourselves.

    For Sophocles once said, “To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.”

    Some years ago, around the mid 90’s I went to a bank to make a transaction for my Dad and one of the security guards approached me because he saw I was a bit tensed from what I was doing. He directed me on what to do and left.

    After I was done I gave him a little tip as a sign of appreciation.

    His face brightened up, he smiled and shock me with both of his hands, I withdrew my shaking because he was older than me and I knew the implications…

    But he insisted and said to me, _”You don’t know what you did for me…God will bless you.”_ (This was happening outside the bank building though.

    The following year…(the rest of this story continues on my Facebook wall, you can read it there please.)

    Tipping helps whomever you tip, out with basic living cost, and also acts as a token of appreciation to the person and other dependents.

    Most people survive on tips as their pay is not enough to manage, so it becomes like a supporting income.

    The rate of unemployment is very high and there are no better jobs, so, anything available becomes the desirable no matter the amount paid.

    Most of these jobs are difficult but if you can afford to meet the people doing these jobs, *what is an extra few change for a tip to give them?*

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    A vast majority of them are raising families or kids, helping out with some bills at home.

    Some are breadwinners and many are going to school to become better persons.

    Though some may have different intentions of giving tips like to show off, while some give tips to help the server supplement to their income and make them happy.

    Good deeds are never forgotten, like kama – it will come back to you now or in the nearest future.

    Before I sign off with the words of Charles Dickens which says, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another,” remember to support someone by taking the action of doing a good deed through tipping.

    I hope you got value, share if you do.



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