UNIPORT Update: Professor Nneka Omera-Okeke Died Of Coronavirus.


Professor Nneka Omera-Okeke was the Head of Department of English Studies, University of Port Harcourt who was said to have been treated for Malaria and Typhoid before she was later diagnosed of COVID-19.

According to the report gathered in the Faculty of Humanities in UNIPORT says that professor Nneka Omera-Okeke was reportedly died on Thursday after battling with coronavirus without knowing.

The source wrote;

“We spoke earlier on Thursday and I noticed that her voice wasn’t sharp, so I asked her what happened. Prof. told me she had been sick for almost 3 weeks despite treating malaria and typhoid, the thing persisted.

“So, she said she had been advised to go the hospital. So her son took her there. As they got to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, she explained her symptoms, then they immediately took her to the isolation centre.

“The son said they conducted some tests including COVID-19, and they said the result will be out the next day (Friday) while they started treatment.

“Only for UPTH to call the VC informing him that Prof. Nneka was dead and that she died of coronavirus. The VC informed the Dean who announced it on the Faculty’s WhatsApp group.

“But the woman’s child is shocked that the hospital told him that the result will be out the next day only for the VC to have the information before him. He’s saying his mum did not die of coronavirus.”


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