Why Dele Momodu Is Against Buhari – Princewill Dike Esq


Why Dele Momodu Is Against Buhari – Princewill Dike

For years, Dele Momodu is one of the columnists I read. He writes well but not in the league of my favorites. Segun Adeniyi is yours truly numero uno.

Man is innately self-seeking. That is why, in politics we make our personal interest appear like public interest.

Dele Momodu was instrumental in pulling down President Goodluck Jonathan from office; and hoisted Muhammadu Buhari. Through propaganda. And when Buhari won, he lobbied for a political appointment, even through his articles. Through the President’s Spokesman, Femi Adesina, he met with the President. And as usual, trumpeted him to high heavens after that meeting.

The honeymoon did not last long. As it became apparent to Bob D that he has no portion in Buhari’s political inheritance. Naim bird come dey change song. The hitherto melodies began to metamorphose to war songs.

The mouth that once sang hosanna, hosanna, began to belch, crucify him, crucify him. Still, the President did not care a hoot about his disgruntlement. It eventually became a full blown war against PMB.

The climax being promoting Atiku Abubakar’s Presidential ambition in 2019.

That is how the cookie crumbles between Momodu and Buhari. Now no love lost between the duo. But should we blame Momodu? I would answer in the negative. Why? In 1 Timothy 5:18b, the scripture says that:

“….The labourer is worthy of his reward.”

Why would he be part of the cooking and not be a partaker of the eating?!( The Ubima would say, “I follow you pursue juju, after we pursue am, you come dey talk say I dey smell juju juju”).

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However, in politics many are called but few are chosen(Matthew 22:14).

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