Why Partners Can Last Years In Relationship Without Getting Married


Starting a relationship with a partner without an agreement is a suicide mission.Hence what qualifies a relationship to be called a relationship is a concrete agreement born on mutually proper understanding.

Therefore, it is a suicide Mission and a High sense of irresponsibility anchored in a class ignorance to enter into a Relationship without Agreement.This can be likened to a case of one traveling without a destination and motive.

Quickly let us have an insight and in-depth Coaching and Mentoring into some of the factors that can mortgage the chances of partners from getting married despite the number of years spent.


1) INCOMPATIBILITY. This is undoubtedly a major Relationship challenge.A man and a woman can actually start a relationship because of their romantic inclination but are not in tandem or synergy with other things of values ranging from their views,religion , lifestyle philosophy,understanding.In such a case their love,affection and strong feelings for each other can bond them as they will not be interested to risk loosing each other.This is because there was no concrete agreement before jumping into the relationship.

2) FINANCIAL STATUS: In this instance both the man and the woman maybe physically and mutually ready for marriage but financially constrained.This happens when two persons jump into Relationship without a proper understanding of what they want and getting the right channels step by step before entering into a relationship.This can be caused by sudden loss of job too.Difficulty in getting a job or laziness to do something among others.

3) INSECURITY: This is a radical issue.This emphasis a scenario were either of the partners may not be comfortable with the lifestyle of his or her partner in times of behavior,social orientation,belief,association,financial status.The partners still hook _up despite the availing challenges because of the romantic bond which they enjoy.

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4) ISSUE OF TRUST.The issue of trust is one of the BIGGEST obstacle and impediment to partners getting married.You can manage to be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust but will never attempt to marry someone you don’t trust.

5) ABSENCE OF REAL LOVE: Some partners are not really really sure if they are genuinely and sincerely loved by their partner because of either the way they started,how they started or what brought them together,where they met.To a large extent,this constitute fear for knowledge into true love.

6) FEAR OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: Wao this is a nuclear obstacle in getting married for both the male and Female folks.


8) INDECISION: Some men are not men enough and cannot take decision on their own without being forced,lured,pushed , encouraged etc.

9) LACK OF RESPECT AND HUMILITY: Some women have resolved within them not to be submissive on the ground of fighting to be liberated from the public opinion and God standard that a man should be the Head.Some men lack respect for the ladies just because they feel that they are in charge and the woman must be loyal.This fight over supremacy between the partners can linger their marriage for years .


It is wrong to be in a relationship for over seven months without marriage.It is wrong to tie yourself down with an indecisive man or woman.It is wrong for you to be good for friendship and not good for marriage.It is wrong to accept a relationship without agreement and time date for marriage.It is wrong to say yes to someone who is not prepared when you are already prepared.It is wrong to submit yourself to a man to test you if you are good in character,good in bed,and if you will be pregnant before he will marry you.It is wrong to accept a man or a woman who is not in the line of your vision,lifestle,religion,belief for relationship or marriage.

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The crisis situation being experienced by many in relationship today ordinarily should have been avoided if the partners involved had defined their relationship with a clear terms of what they want and how to achieve it.

Mr.Ikechi Akpuh.Relationship Coach.





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