Women Are Special Breed ~ Part 1


I am not just knowing today. No! No! I have always known.

Women! They ensure you have a Natural Pill to sleep when the pressure is so rife. They also have a special way to get Money out of your pocket when you are saying that you don’t have any cash on you. Trust me, women have a way of making you do something different while you are saying another.

They are rare species!

Why do I have to make bold to re-echo this position?


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Something happened last night that reinforced my conviction… They have a multitasking ability which is quite elusive with men. I have seen that in my wife.

The world would NOT be a better and safe place without women!!

My Weekends…

As a tradition, I return home weekends to be with my Family – to admire and behold the face of my lovely wife as well as have my Children running over me; calling Daddy, Daddy, we need this, take us to Pleasure Park or Happy Bite. They need it.

Each time I come home, my wife ensured I carried food that would last till the weekend – then I go for a refill.

But not so now because of the Eastern (Chinese) Scourge (COVID-19) that become a pandemic.

I would have preferred getting cooked food if Eateries were opened. But that is not the case because there is a total lockdown. Complete collapse of economic activities in Delta State (Warri Axis precisely).

Therefore, I must eat by any means legitimately necessary!

Prior to Sunday just past, I had cooked good Stew. I had gotten everything before the lockdown. That Stew was second to none. Let me be proud to submit to you that Men can cook too, even better. If you are not convinced ask any man around you!


This second one was kind of special. No market to get things especially, frozen chicken. So, my wife offered a technique to achieve that via phone conversation…

She asked if I had raw eggs to which I responded in the affirmative. So, she told me to boil the eggs, peel and place in a plate with clean water. She went on to instruct me how to go about it – to put the Eggs after I had mixed onion, tomatoes, etc in a slightly hot Groundnut Oil.

During this Section, she asked if I was listening. She knows better than that. This is because critical listening was my second nature. I have developed great listening skills in the course of my job working with Community Folks, Youth and facilitating trainings. So, strategic listening was not a challenge.

Not to bother, I did excellently well. The Stew came out well – delicious! . When I saw the finished product, it looked better than what you get from any eatery in mind. Fast-forward to yesterday.

*My Pain*

Concluding on this Part, I didn’t want to eat anything heavy. I preferred Tea for dinner. I chose to take it with Sardine. I made the tea, brought out bread and opened Sardine to go with it. Seriously, I’m not a heavy eater. I couldn’t finish the Sardine. So, I decided to empty the reminder into the sumptuous stew. To ensure that the stew didn’t go stale I had to put it on the gas. I then engaged my phone.

Guess what Friends! I forgot that I put the stew on fire; everything turned to carbon. When I entered the kitchen, gosh! I couldn’t stand the smoke.

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Please, behold what has become my well tantalizing stew now charcoal (carbon).

Can a woman forget that she has stew on the fire?




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